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Buy/Sell/Trade Guidelines & User's Tips - Updated Jan/09

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2005 11:00 am    Post subject: Buy/Sell/Trade Guidelines & User's Tips - Updated Jan/09 Reply with quote

The Buy/Sell/Trade/Finds Forum Guidelines and Users Guide

Guidelines by Denise, updated by Jeremy (Copyright) and approved by Forum Staff. User's Tips and Guide by David (Daz Hoo), updated by Jeremy. Combined into one post to save space, yet each are separate documents and should be considered as such.

FBTB Buy/Sell/Trade/Finds Forum Guidelines - Updated 1.14.09

[*]Buy/Sell/Trade at your own risk. FBTB is not responsible for trades gone bad, and will not moderate disputes.

[*]At least one end of any transaction must involve (a) LEGO item(s).

[*]The intent of this forum is 'Members Helping Other Members'. No scalping. If your deal involves a personal profit, be honest. Example: If you bought something at 50% off and someone is willing to buy it at less than MSRP but more than you paid, that is up to you, your buyer, and your conscience.

[*]No posting auctions in the B/S/T/F. They're impossible to manage and there's no system to guarantee who gets what, what the bids are, and they're just plain messy. Please see the Code of Conduct for more information on what is acceptable on the forums in general, and the B/S/T/F in particular.

[*]For-profit businesses may not advertise here. If your business has an offer that might benefit FBTB members, please contact FBTB administrators; suitable offerings will be posted on the main page of FBTB. However, one exception: If someone posts a 'wanted' item that you happen to have in your Bricklink store or currently on eBay, you may reply to that effect as long as you are clear that it is Bricklink or eBay, and only link directly to that item. Otherwise, no linking to eBay auctions ~ if you find an auction that may be interesting or helpful to other members, please send the info to fbtbforumadmin@gmail.com for consideration.

Things you Should Know When Trading on FBTB - Updated 1.14.09

This guide was written by a forum member and does not reflect the views of the FBTB staff. The advice is sound though and should be considered before you begin trading in this informal setting.

Here is a list of things you need to know before you start posting, buying, selling or trading in this section. These aren't rules per say, more like friendly advices on how to behave properly and how to avoid getting into trouble.


1 Ė Proper behavior in the B/S/T/F Forum
Before considering even posting in this section of the FBTBforums, you need to know a few things:

- Scammers and scalpers are not welcome here, as this forum is for members helping other members to get items they might not get otherwise. Yes, everyone has the right to get the current value for their items, but be prepared to justify your demands. Unlike eBay or Bricklink, there are no fees here, so asking the ďaverage priceĒ for your item is hard to justify. If youíre in it for the money, this is not the place for you.

- Getting your facts straight, as in knowing the current value and availability of the item you are selling, trading or looking for, is the foundation of an intelligent and fair deal. Bricklink is a good reference for price and availability for discontinued sets or specific parts. If youíre not sure, just ask around. Many experienced traders and sellers will gladly provide you with the information you need.

- Thread crapping, as in publicly commenting on another memberís sale, trade demand or price they are willing to pay for a certain set, is not welcome here. If you donít like what someone is publicly asking for something, just walk away. If you just canít help yourself, use the Private Message function to let them know.

- Stealing someone elseís thunder, as in using someone elseís thread to sell your own stuff, to outbid another buyer or to ask for the same set, is also not welcome here. This also includes posting in another memberís thread or in the Straight Shootersí List thread for no good reasons.

- Wasting someone elseís time, as in pulling out of a sale or trade for no good reasons, is rude and impolite. If you want to deal with someone, be sure you have the intention and the means to fulfill your end of the bargain.

- Clarity and courtesy go a long way in landing the perfect deal. If you post an offer or write to someone, take a few extra seconds to write a well thought out message, with proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. If youíre offering something, be specific about the item, the price and the terms (condition of the item, payment, shipping, etc.). If youíre looking for something, also be specific, especially if youíre referring to a set that went on sale somewhere. Oh, and always take the time to answer people who sent you offers, even if youíre not interested.

- Bumping has its limits. Bumping your thread once is acceptable, but after that, if you didnít get any offers, itís probably because no one here is interested. So there is no need to bump your thread again and again (and again) if you donít change anything in your proposal.

2 - Trading or buying online should not be taken lightly
It is important to realize that dealing over the Internet is a very serious thing, and that transactions completed online are as valid and as serious as when you buy something from the store. That also means that deals gone badly can lead to legal actions, including fines, criminal records or even detention or jail time.

Bottom line is that any transaction made online shouldn't be taken lightly. If you enter a deal, be prepared to complete your end of it.

3 - Make sure the seller/trader is a serious person
Someone with just a few posts selling a brand new 4483 AT-AT set for $50 is somehow a little suspicious. A seller/trader should always be able to provide you with some kind of feedback (from eBay, Bricklink or the Straight Shootersí list) of his prior dealings to sustain his(her) reputation as a serious person to deal with.

If youíre worry about the other memberís reputation (or lack of), you can ask them to send out their end of the deal first. Another solution is to use a trusted third party to handle the transaction for you, both sending to him and him sending out all the items when all received.

The bottom line is this: if the other person cannot provide any kind of feedback, be cautious. You can trust the person in good faith, but take as many precautions as you can to protect yourself if something goes wrong.

4 - Get all the facts before paying or sending anything
So, the trader/seller has the item you wanted for a long time, and his price fits you. OK, but did you get all the facts you needed before you hand out your item or your hard earned money? Here are some questions to help you out:

- Is the item new in a factory sealed box, or is it used? And if used, was it built once and displayed only, or used often by a 6 year old?
- Is the item complete or missing elements (parts, minifigs, instructions, box, etc.)?
- If you're buying, how much is it going to cost you in shipping and handling?
- If you're trading, how much will it cost you to ship your item to him?
- How will the item be shipped? Loose in an envelope? In a box? Bubble wrapped? If you're trading, how will you ship your end?
- By what type of service is it going to be shipped? USPS? FedEx? UPS? Ground? Air? Express?
- How long approximately will you have to wait for the set? How long will the other have to wait for his item to arrive?

5 - Get the other's information
First and foremost, deals should not be concluded over Private Messaging on an online forum. You should get the email address of the person you're dealing with and confirm it before going ahead with the transaction. That way, if something goes wrong with either the forum or your transaction, you can always contact the other person.

Also, it's not a bad idea to get the person's real name, home address and phone number. Serious dealers won't mind giving you that type of information as long as you agree not to use that information for other purposes. Again, if something goes wrong, you have multiple ways to contact the other dealer.

Finally, when dealing with someone with a P.O. box, itís always a good idea to get the home address of the person as well, because a P.O. Box is not always easy to trace back to a "real" person if something goes wrong.

6 - Double-check everything
You should double-check everything before completing the transaction. Did the other person get all your information correctly? Did you both agree on the same things (price, shipping date and method, items involved, etc.)? Did you get the person's info correctly?

7 - The method of payment
The first and most important rule is that you should never ever send cash in an envelope to a stranger. Why? Because you have no way to prove you did send the money, and you have no proof that the seller did receive it. Also, although the regular mail is somewhat reliable in North America, it's not always the case, and money in an envelope is way too easy to steal.

That being said, there are lots of other methods of payment out there: money orders, personal checks, etc. The basic rule here is to be able to prove you have paid the amount required, and have proof that the seller did get his money. An even safer way is one that provides you with the possibility to get your money back if you don't receive what you have paid for. PayPal, Google Check and other electronic transfer of funds methods now provide you with that additional security.

8 - Follow-up on your transaction
Since dealing online is serious business, you should keep in constant communication with the person you are dealing with while the transaction is not completed. You have just sent him his payment/item? Send him an email to notify him of that. He didn't notify you of when the shipment went out? Ask him about it. You just got your package? Send the dealer a thank you note, and post your feedback for others to see.

Keeping the lines of communication open with the person you're dealing with is the best way to insure he will deliver the goods as promised.


In hope this will help you have safe and great deals over this section of the FBTB forums.

For the Trading Guild, Surprised
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