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FBTB Guidelines On Embedding Images in Posts

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:41 am    Post subject: FBTB Guidelines On Embedding Images in Posts Reply with quote

Based on recent activity on the forum, we are instigating some new guidelines on the use of images in posts. The aim is to limit the number of images in any particular thread/post & to encourage members to only embed their best images in a post. Remember, not everyone has broadband, not everyone wants to scroll to see your images, not everyone wants to see the contents of your desk as well as your MOC, and most photos actually look better shrunk down a little bit !

    The guidelines are simple, and hopefully unambiguous -
    (1) JPG, GIF or PNG formats only. Post anything else & it will get deleted;
    (2) Max size of 640x480, in either portrait or landscape format. Post anything larger, and it will be converted to a link or deleted.
    (3) We will allow a maximum of 3 embedded full-size (640x480) images per post; anything more than 3 images will be converted to links. If you use additional posts in the same thread to embed more images, expect to be challenged by the staff & to provide a justification unless it's obvious (a valid justification might be - another member has requested a close-up shot, you want to show a mk.2 of a MOC without starting a new thread, etc. - this isn't meant to be draconian, just to stop people deliberately trying to get around the guidelines);
    (4) Try to use thumbnails (with embedded links) if you can; max size for a thumbnail is 100x100 (that's roughly the standard size of a flickr thumbnail); if you only use thumbnails then you're allowed 6 of them in a post. If you mix thumbnails & larger images you're allowed: 1 full-size image & 4 thumbnails; or 2 full-size-images and 2 thumbnails. We are less strict on this, just don't go overboard.

Note that this is for embedded images within posts only, and does not direct affect linked images. You can provide links to as many images as you like. However, these are good guidelines, so you might want to think about using them for linked images too.

Also, to help you get started, here is the proper code for embedding an image with a hyperlink:
That will yield the following result: See? It's that simple!

NOTE - these are the provisional guidelines; we're happy to work with the membership to evolve them to better meet the needs of the whole community. If you've got thoughts/comments, please discuss them here.

A few other helpful suggestions -
==> learn to crop your photos, to remove un-needed background clutter, before you resize; that way the "interest" in the photo fills more of the photo;
==> when creating thumbnails, rather than just shrinking the whole image try cropping around an interesting feature in the photo, then resize that. When you post the thumbnail, provide a link to the full-size, uncropped (but resized) image.

Free utilities to help you crop & resize your images (not endorsed by FBTB, just offered as suggestions):
Picnik, via Flickr - Flickr is a powerful and popular image hosting service, and Picnik is a built in web based editing program. Easy to use, and free. If you already have a Flickr account, click the "Edit Image" button on any of you photos to try it out. Nothing to download or install.

irfanview - free; fast, comprehensive image viewer, includes basic edit functions (crop, resize, rotate, file format conversion, etc.) with great batch-mode capabilities. Looks very "old school", but very powerful.

Microsoft Image Resizer PowerToy - free; an add-on to explorer - just right click on a image file in explorer & select "resize pictures" from the pop-up menu. Default behaviour is to create a copy of the original file (not overwrite it) and it also works on multiple files at once.

Adobe's Photoshop Album Starter Edition - free; mostly an image management application, but offers basic editing functionality.

Google's Picasa - free; like Adobe's offering above, it's mainly an image management application, but it also offers basic editing functionality

FastStone Image Viewer - free; powerful & fast image viewer with basic editing functionality

iPhoto - free; bundled with every new Mac sold in the last few years. (Also provided as part of the iLife Suite for $99). Image management & basic editing capabilities.

paint.NET - free; mid-range image editor, built using MS's .NET framework. Lots of capabilities, but relatively easy to use.

Gimp - free; "photoshop" like image editor, with all the power & complexity that suggests; for the advanced user only

Updated 12/22/08 by Don
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    FBTBForums.net Forum Index -> Code of Conduct and Registration Guidelines All times are GMT - 5 Hours
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